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FPGA Consulting

FPGA Consulting

FPGA Consulting by LDA TechnologiesOne of the main services provided by LDA Technologies is Design and Development of FPGA-based applications: IP Cores and accompanying software when needed.

Choosing the right FPGA for the task at hand; choosing the right FPGA board for the IP core to run; designing the system as a whole: FPGA – firmware – software; designing/implementing algorithms; writing efficient FPGA and software code; testing and deploying: these are all parts of FPGA IP core creation process.

At LDA Technologies we have extensive expertise producing IP cores for many FPGA types and vendors: from ultra-cheap ones to high-end FPGAs capable of running most sophisticated trading strategies, packet processing and computational tasks.

Virtex Ultrascale / Ultrascale+
Virtex 7, 6, etc.
Kintex Ultrascale
All FPGA series starting 1995
Stratix series:
V, IV, etc.MAX series
Speedster 22i

Expertise outline


  • Altera Quartus
  • Xilinx Vivado
  • Cadence Orcad, Allegro
  • Mentor Graphics PADS PCB
  • Mentor Graphics ModelSim, QuestaSim
  • Microchip MPLab
  • Synopsis tools
  • Solidworks

Embedded OS

  • Mentor Graphics Nucleus OS
  • RedHat eCOS
  • Windriver VXWorks
  • Micrium uCos-III

Software Tools & Technologies

  • Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, C#
  • Parallel Computing: OpenCL, CUDA, Intel Xeon Phi
  • Systems: Linux x64, Linux x32, Windows
  • Tools: GCC 4.x and 5.x, GDB, Intel C/C++ Compilers, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Technologies: Multithreading, Ultra-low Latency Processing, Distributed Computing, High-Frequency Trading
  • IP Core releases