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LDA Services & Product Manufacturing

LDA Technologies provides FPGA Consulting (AKA IP Cores) and Product Manufacturing services.

Anything from simple automation to an ultra-low latency trading strategy or high-performance 100G Ethernet switch can be implemented in FPGA. Depending on where the FPGA is placed you can have your system running in anything from FPGA enabled network card to industrial grade high-speed device. Moreover: you might want to create a card of your own, or a new industrial grade device, or both, and put it one into the other. To do any or all of it you will need FPGA experts. You will want us: LDA Technologies.

LDA Technologies is a team of leading professionals with over 20 years of experience in product design. Starting 2010 we have been concentrating on FPGA development and delivering FPGA-based products to our customers.

Company Highlights


• FPGA-based systems design and programming
• Software: ultra-low latency, management, drivers and embedded
• Hardware Design: FPGA, PCB, Mechanical
• Testing and benchmarking
• Low-volume manufacturing
• Documentation and guides
• Regulatory certification
• Maintenance and Support


• Ultra-low latency, High Frequency Trading
• Networking and switching
• Packet processing
• Network security
• Test and measurement
• Digital and IP Video
• Small footprint microcontroller cores
• DDRx memory controllers
• Digital signal processing
• Power/signal integrity analysis
• Digital design
• Data Acquisition