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LDA e4 + Nallatech

e4 nallatech

Nallatech 385A Card hosted in LDA e4 morph into an off-the-shelf networking product that is ready for deployment across a range of application areas including High-Performance Computing, Network Acceleration and Data Analytics.

The evaluation kit is available upon request. Please contact LDA Technologies with any questions.

lda e4 Nallatech 385A

LDA e4 + Nallatech 385A Highlights

  • Fifteen (15) 10G network ports
  • OpenCL tool flow
  • Arria 10 1150 GX FPGA with up to 1.5 TFlops
  • 8 GB DDR3 on-card memory
  • On-board JTAG access through internal USB port
  • On-board USB-to-serial access through internal USB port
  • Designated Power Control
  • Ultra-fast start-up time
  • Optional 10 ppb OCXO clock source