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LDA e4 + Alpha Data

When hosted by LDA e4 enclosure, FPGA boards from Alpha Data provide the highest number of ports among other low-profile cards and as a result are a popular customer choice.

e4 alpha data board
e4 alpha data board

System Specifications

  • 25G and 10G Independent Crosspoint Switch fabrics allow flexible data replication scenarios
  • Wide range of CPUs via COM Express Type 10 /Type 6 module
  • Designated precision power control: redundant power supplies, PCIe power uncoupled from the system, fans dependent on power draw
  • Precision clock source (5/10ppb OCXO)
  • Rapid Start-up (1 sec)
  • Out-of-band management, timestamping and Internal USB ports
  • Short Depth (12”, 1U)
  • Built-in FPGA tools and operating system for programming on-the-fly

Board Specific Parameters

AlphaData board


  • 31 network ports:
    • 8 x 25GbE
    • 23 x 10GbE
  • Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale Plus™ : VU3P-2 – FFVC1517
  • 2x banks of 1G x 72, DDR4-2400 (16GiB total), upgradeable to 16GiB, DDR4-1866 (dual bank devices), per bank (32 GiB total)
  • On-board re-programmable flash memory for embedded configuration
  • On-board JTAG through internal USB port
  • e4 Aux Integration kit: Ultraport SlimSAS™
  • Optional integrated Board Support Package (BSP) including extensive FPGA example designs, plug and play drivers, and a mature Application Programming Interface (API)
e4 alpha data board


  • 25 10GbE network ports:
  • Xilinx® Kintex® Ultrascale™ : XCKU060 – FFVA1156
  • ECC-SODIMM : Two 8GB DDR3 ECC-SODIMM for memory speeds up to 1600MT/s
  • FLASH : 1GBit of BPI x 16 configuration flash
  • e4 Aux Integration kit: SATA
  • Reference Design Package available separately