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LDA c5 + Xilinx

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LDA c5: Xilinx VCU118 Edition

LDA c5 is a rare rackmount platform that can host Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU118 Evaluation Kit and deliver its extensive capabilities to the end user in the form of a turn-key production-ready system.

LDA c5: Xilinx VCU118 Edition

Solution Specifications

  • 48 network ports:
    • 16 x 25GbE
    • 32 x 10GbE
  • 2 SATA ports connected to FPGA for storage connectivity. Can be driven outside through back panel.
  • 25G and 10G Independent Crosspoint Switch fabrics allow flexible data replication scenarios
  • Wide range of CPUs via COM Express Type 10 /Type 6 module
  • Designated precision power control: redundant hot-swappable power supplies, PCIe power uncoupled from the system, fans dependent on power draw
  • Precision clock source (5/10 ppb OCXO): reaches every transceiver quad making it extremely development friendly (single TX clock design)
  • Two additional 0.25 ppm tunable directly from FPGA VCTCXOs allow implementing a variety of protocols and standards
  • Six SMA ports (2 general purpose AC coupled I/O, LVDS clock input, LVDS clock output)
  • Rapid Start-up (1 sec)
  • Out-of-band management, timestamping and Internal USB ports
  • Built-in FPGA tools and operating system for programming on-the-fly
  • On-board re-programmable flash memory for embedded configuration
  • On-board JTAG through internal USB port