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Information Security and Cryptography

Information Security and Cryptography

information security | LDA TechnologiesCryptographic systems have become a part of our daily life through the need for security in many common activities, such as communication, payments, data transfers etc.

With the expansion of global networks throughout the world it is becoming increasingly important to protect transmitted data. Moreover since the technological advancements make the networks faster, this protection should accelerate along with them. Cryptographic embedded systems were historically placed into ASICs. Starting 1980s the use of FPGAs was introduced into different parts of crypto cores’ design which accelerated things noticeably.

Now the performance gap between FPGAs and ASICs is pretty narrow and it allows FPGAs not only to be a prototyping tool but also to become viable option for hosting the cryptographic cores and solve problems ranging from high performance encryption algorithms to random number generators, etc.

Our team’s expertise in cryptography and information security started in late 90s while working on a family of network encryption devices and cryptographic IP cores.

Expertise Outline:

Algorithms and Technologies

  • Network security: SSL/TLS, IPSec, Wireless communications, X.25 and ATM traffic encryption
  • Database, web and application content encryption/authentication techniques
  • Load balancing mechanisms on protected networks
  • Symmetric encryption and hashing: DES/3DES, AES, SHA-1, SHA-256/SHA-512, MD5, HMAC
  • Asymmetric encryption/key exchange: RSA, DSA, Diffie Hellmann, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)