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About Us

About LDA Tech

LDA technologies is a group of leading engineers that have been working together in various companies and on numerous projects spanning across multiple industries. A highly experienced and efficient team that formed over 15 years ago, well before the LDA itself, and that has extensive knowledge and years of experience designing products for different industries such as networking, information security, and trading.

LDA Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a consulting and ODM firm specializing in FPGA-based data acceleration and the first several years worked directly and exclusively with a US-based company supplying IT services to private trading shops.

Since 2016 the company, while maintaining a solid presence in consulting services field, shifted the main focus to releasing new products under LDA brand name.

LDA Technologies Products

Today LDA Technologies is a known provider of leading high-performance FPGA-based networking products.

Unlike others, LDA Technologies has chosen not to concentrate on releasing targeted hardware products. Instead, we launched the first of its kind FPGA board enclosure providing a solid platform for FPGA networking product creation. And now LDA is introducing off-the-shelf solutions by developing cutting edge IP Cores delivered pre-integrated in the device.

The solutions released by LDA Technologies are an epitome of a flexible modular system in which the FPGA IP Core, FPGA board (from our industry-leading partners), and the enclosing device are separate entities: ready to be upgraded at any time to take advantage of the best available technology. Entities synergized into a product that allows its users to have the fastest solution at their hands at any time.

LDA Technologies Services

Whether you only need an FPGA IP core running on an existing board or a new hardware product accompanied by a complex software/firmware stack contact us and we will find a solution best tailored to your requirements.

We provide:
Work quality: always delivering as promised in features and performance; never choosing ease over quality/performance, none of the products ever needed a re-spin
Work speed: short time-to-market, never missed a deadline
Innovation: using cutting edge technologies
Design exclusive to you and your objectives: High Performance, Low Latency, Cost-Sensitive
Exceptional support: 24/7, high productivity, fast turn-around

We can help you with your FPGA goals: guide you through the development of your product or just do it for you and deliver your turnkey product in a box. Or many boxes, if your goal is to manufacture FPGA devices.