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LDA e4

LDA e4 enclosure is designed to host any PCI Express FPGA board as the core of a standalone networking solution.

lda e4 front

A cutting-edge device that transcends any server or designated FPGA switch by introducing:

  • 16 1/10/25GbE ports and 32 1/10GbE ports: 48 ports total.
  • The repurposing of PCI Express and other I/Os of the FPGA board into high-speed ports.
  • Layer 1 replication with 25/50/100GbE and 10/40GbE patterns
  • Support for various CPUs and Operating Systems
All these features and much more are available to you with any PCIe-compliant card with any FPGA on it.
LDA e4 is currently running in various data centers across the world powered by boards from:

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BittWare FPGA


BittWare designs and deploys high-end FPGA platforms for network processing, high performance computing, and signal processing applications that utilize the latest FPGA technologies on industry-standard COTS form factors.

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